NYC Parking 785 Garage Corp.

The rates on the garage image may not reflect the current prices.

Pre-Purchase Parking

Your rate is
Day and night rates
Rates: Net: Tax 18.375: Gross:
Up to 1/2 Hr 21.12 3.88 25.00
Up to 1 Hr 29.57 5.43 35.00
Up to 2 Hrs 33.79 6.21 40.00
Up to 3 Hrs 50.69 9.31 60.00
Up to 8 Hrs 67.58 12.42 80.00
24 Hrs or O/N 77.72 14.28 92.00
SUV/Van (add'l) 16.90 3.11 20.00
Night Special (M-F) 
Enter after 6pm out by Close 33.79 6.21 40.00
Address:2 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022
Entrance:East 60th Street
Between:5th Ave. Madison Ave.
Hours:8am-Mid Sun-Thu, 8am-1am Fri-Sat
Phone:(212) 644-1336
(212) 317-9172
Prepaid reservation prices:

These rates apply for up to 24 hours. Posted rates will apply thereafter.

* We reserve the right to charge the SUV and if applicable, a Super SUV rate at the parking staff's discretion. These vehicles are: models that are considered "extended", have flat beds, vans and/or cannot clear entrances due to racks, equipment or customize raised vehicles. We recommend if you are not sure your vehicle will be categorized as a SUV or Super SUV, please call the facility in advance for clarification.