NYC Parking 776 Sixth Ave Parking Corp.

55 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001

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Address:55 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001
Entrance:West 26th Street
Between:6th Ave. Broadway
Hours:24 Hrs
Phone:(212) 252-1673
  • Valet
  • On Site Staff
  • Covered
  • Paved
  • Oversized
The rates on the garage image may not reflect the current prices.
Day and night rates
Rates: Net: Tax 18.375: Gross:
Up to 1/2 Hr 10.98 2.02 13.00
Up to 1 Hr 21.96 4.04 26.00
Up to 2 Hrs 30.41 5.59 36.00
Up to 10 Hrs 40.55 7.45 48.00
24 Hrs or O/N 50.69 9.31 60.00
Large Vehicles
SUV/Van (add'l) 8.45 1.55 10.00
Large SUV/Large Van (add'l) 16.90 3.11 20.00
Special Rates
Early Bird Special (M-F)
Enter 5am-10am up to 12 hrs 27.03 4.97 32.00
Night Special (M-F)
Enter after 6pm out by Midnight 21.12 3.88 25.00
Saturday Special
Enter after 6am up to 12 hrs out by Midnight 27.03 4.97 32.00
Sunday Special
Enter after 6am up to 12 hrs out by Midnight 21.12 3.88 25.00
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* Multi-passenger vans, cargo vans, flatbed trucks, and other large vehicles generally associated with commercial use or of similar type will not be accepted at this location. Customers are advised to contact the garage prior to parking to confirm their vehicle will be accepted.

We reserve the right to charge the SUV and if applicable, a Large SUV rate at the parking staff’s discretion. We recommend if you are not sure your vehicle will be categorized as a SUV or Large SUV, please call the facility in advance for clarification. If your vehicle is oversized and you did not select such option when making the reservation, an additional fee will be charged at the garage when checking out.

If the garage has car-lifts, the SUV/Minivan additional fee may be still charged for smaller vehicles, regardless of actual dimensions.

As our global policy, we respectfully reserve the right not to accept luxury/exotic vehicles at the parking staff’s discretion. For clarification, we ask that you call the facility in advance.

Our goal is to offer above standard parking services. We account for all the risks that jeopardize the accomplishment of this goal.

Only valet parking services provided, unless specifically noted. All customers must leave the car’s keys with the garage employees.