NYC Parking 155 East 55th Street Parking Corp.

The rates on the garage image may not reflect the current prices.

Pre-Purchase Parking

Your rate is
Day and night rates
Rates: Net: Tax 18.375: Gross:
Up to 1 Hr 15.21 2.79 18.00
Up to 2 Hrs 21.96 4.04 26.00
Up to 3 Hrs 25.34 4.66 30.00
Up to 10 Hrs 33.79 6.21 40.00
24hrs or O/N 38.01 6.98 45.00
SUV/Van (add'l) 8.45 1.55 10.00
Large SUV/Large Van (add'l) 16.90 3.11 20.00
Early Bird Special (M-F) 
Enter 7am-10am out by 7pm 21.12 3.88 25.00
Night Special (Mon-Fri) 
Enter after 5pm out by Midnight 11.83 2.17 14.00
Saturday Special 
Enter after 8am out by 7pm 13.52 2.48 16.00
Sunday Special 
Enter after 10am out by 10pm 13.52 2.48 16.00
Address:143-155 East 55th Street, New York, NY, 10022
Entrance:155 East 55th Street
Between:3rd Ave. Lexington Ave.
Hours:Mon-Fri 7am-Mid, Sat 8am-Mid, Sun 10am-10pm
Phone:(212) 319-1470
Prepaid reservation prices:
Early Bird$25

These rates apply for up to 24 hours. Posted rates will apply thereafter.

* We reserve the right to charge the SUV and if applicable, a Super SUV rate at the parking staff's discretion. These vehicles are: models that are considered "extended", have flat beds, vans and/or cannot clear entrances due to racks, equipment or customize raised vehicles. We recommend if you are not sure your vehicle will be categorized as a SUV or Super SUV, please call the facility in advance for clarification.